Andy Smith, Student At Brigham Young University

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Pantry Manager

Pantry suggests meals based on what is in your pantry.

Blue fractal generated by Andy's online javascript mandelbrot set generator.

JS Mandelbrot

A JavaScript Mandelbrot Set explorer and animator.

3D wireframe image.

3D Wireframe

A custom 3D wireframe rendering using no external libraries.

StarCraft marine survivor defending against waves of zerglings.

Swarm Survivor Game

Survive waves of StarCraft Zerglings. How long can you last?

Sirpinki triangle with several different colors

Sierpinski's triangle

recursively draw the Sierpinski Triangle fractal.

Preview of Andy's random tower defense game.

Tower Defense (Unfinished)

A tower defense game that is different every time you play.

Binary numbers raining down on a white background.

Binary Rain

A fun graphical project that rains "1" and "0"s.

Binary numbers raining down on a white background.

Youtube: Musical Neural Networks

Music generated by deep learning rrn neural networks.

Secondary Projects

A.I. Rock Paper Scissors. A game that learns from your choices.

Control a swarm of bugs.

Move and build in a 3D voxel world. (Unfinished)

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